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Any noise Trevor made was like a pleasant torture to Geoffrey, each groan and growl sending a new wave of pleasure through the boy, pushing him closer and closer to another one of those earth shattering orgasms he had only just felt. The Brit’s faded eyes watched with something like anticipation as Trevor teased his wound, forcing more blood to come forth, his thick, pink tongue licking the marks, the stinging pleasure forcing a pained sigh from deep inside his throat. The hand on Geoffrey’s length tightened the moment Trevor sunk his teeth in again, and he was enough to send the teen flying over the edge again, muscles hard and contracting over Trevor’s cock as his own emptied for the second time onto the bed below him. It felt as though hours passed, but it could only have been seconds before Geoffrey let himself collapse on the bed, his quivering weak body pulling, Trevor sliding out of him, until he made enough room for the man to lay down too. His chest rose heavily as he breathed, forcing his body to relax as he felt the short but pleasant afterwaves of his climax. “Trevor,” the boy breathed, eyes still closed as he spoke, wanting to touch him again, hold his hand, cuddle next to him, something, but unsure if it would go alright.

The feeling of Geoffrey’s body completely tightening around his own was enough to have Trevor’s eyes clenching tightly enough to bring funny colored swirls into his vision. Every muscle in his own body reacted to their almost synchronized orgasm, contracting to the point where it was almost painful. However, the sensation of their shared orgasm through their bond was a completely different story. It was as if ever nerve in his body was being simulated, sending wave after wave of pleasure to parts of his body he didn’t even know could feel pleasure. His teeth, pulling away from Geoffrey’s shoulder, ground together painfully as his jaw clenched. No noise came from him though, his air catching in his throat and making it impossible to breath let alone make a sound. It took him a while to realize that Geoffrey had slid away from him and collapsed onto the bed, but when he did his whole body gave way, falling ungracefully down beside the teen. Between the transfer and the literally mind-blowing sex between himself and his Brit, his muscles screamed in anguish, finally able to relax and voice their opinion. Before he could completely relax though, his head turned towards Geoffrey at the sound of his name falling from his lips. Trevor’s blue eyes ran over Geoffrey’s, watching the teen’s closed, attempting to use his weakened power to read what he wanted. Finally understanding, Trevor’s lips pulled slightly up in an exhausted attempt at a smile. He threw one arm across Geoffrey’s chest before curling slightly, pulling the teen close in an inexperienced attempt at affection.